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Junk: Junk: Supra's Suggestion List
Hello Playerstech!

Do not take this offensively as I have no intentions of being hurtful. I have found multiple issues on this site and I'm going to listing and updating this thread accordingly.

Lagg issue: This site has some major lagg. I'm sure the admins know the issue and please address it as I cannot bear it Tongue

Posting Issue:

I got this issue after posting something, not messaging someone. This should be grammatically corrected from "Message" to "Post"

[Image: 9Sb5b.png]

More will be added as I explore this site!
Well for me there is no lag at all. The site is pretty fast. Matybe I'm just lucky.
There is no lag. You'll probably want to check your WalMart connection, also, the redirect is fine. A post is a message, a message is a post. Thanks for your suggestions. They will be reviewed by staff.
I'm lag free. The cause could be all the visitors from We're receiving about 600 guests at a time.
That will soon run out though.

The message is a thing not worth going to. Every MyBB website including Hack Forum has the same.
Yeah, we need to get better hosting though so please bear with us.
This thread has been junked!
This thread has been junked!

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