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Junk: Hoodie Here
Yup I am Hoodie, if you think you have seen me before on the interwebz you probably have I know my way around a bit. Well let's move on; I am a forum Dev/Admin, I have ran 2-3 sites 1 that has became successive but I have retired from. Currently I am helping another forum grow that Jord is aware of and maybe in the future we can become friendly sites Smile

Oh now for the details
  • I know html,css,php, and learning Java and c#
  • I am all over the place; Forumcore, was on ttg(Kyl3), s7s, xmb
  • I love to game and I own an xbox Smile

Well I will stick around for awhile and help when it's needed. For now peace out guy's Smile
Welcome Hoodie! Thanks for joining and I'll see you around! Big Grin
Welcome to PlayersTech, Hoodie!
This thread has been junked!

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