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Junk: Junk: Superior - Official Group Recruitment
[Image: SuperiorBanner.png]


Who are we?

  • Superior is a very high quality group that strives to make PlayersTech a better place one post at a time. We mainly focus on: making high quality threads/posts, helping new members around the forum, and being our best at everything.


[Image: badge2-1.png]


  • Must have at least 15 posts


[font=Tahoma][b]Why do you want to join Superior?[/b][/font]: Write Here
[font=Tahoma][b]What qualities can you bring to Superior[/b][/font]: Write Here
[font=Tahoma][b]Do you consider your self 'high quality'?[/b][/font]: Write Here
[font=Tahoma][b]Any notable threads?[/b][/font]

Good luck to all applicants!
Very nice group you have there, Blur!
Good luck to all applicants!

i know i dont have 15 posts but most people will spam just so they could apply

Why do you want to join Superior?:I like helping sites that's why i joined your site
What qualities can you bring to Superior: good leader,Nice,and easy to talk to
Do you consider your self 'high quality'?:No everyone is the same to me
Any notable threads?Just joined

and pm i need to talk to u
Why do you want to join Superior?: It looks like a nice group. And I think this group fits me pretty well, I like posting HQ.
What qualities can you bring to Superior: You'll disappoint me if you don't know the answer.
Do you consider your self 'high quality'?: Yeah I consider my self as a high quality member.
Any notable threads? Again.. You should already know the answer. All my threads is worth a look (:

I hope you all have a pleasant day!
Ninja - Rejected (Did not meet the requirements).
Deadly - Accepted (Great previous posts!).
Woho. Thank you Big Grin
Now I'm just going to post some more HQ stuff Big Grin
Deadly, go here:

And select Superior if you want it as your display group. You'll still have the Elite permissions though.
Yeah I know Big Grin
Hmm, accepting users in my group for me.
If you don't think I should be in the group. Feel free to kick me. (:

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