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Junk: Mobile money making!!
here is how to make money and get other gift cards for various places.
you must have a-
paypal *verified*
lots of GigaBytes

1. go to on your ipod
2. add it to your home screen
3. signup and start doing surveys.

*the best part is you can download apps to get points as well*
*the apps cannot be redownloaded and more appear from time to time*
*they are downloaded free from the app store and you cannot 'accidently' hit the download button*

app page[attachment=14]
rewards page[attachment=15]
account page[attachment=16]
Suppose this would work, but I don't like completing surveys.
I'm too lazy!
All you do is download apps and you'll get a easy 7$
How much apps would you have to download & what do they cost to earn $7?
They are mostly free and like 20 or less
Ah right. Sounds ok I suppose. My paypal isn't verified though :/
Mine isn't either jord
Ikr? Verifying Paypal is such a disadvantage for Paypal!
Yeah. Verifying paypal can be a pain in the ass.
And when I finally got if verified it got removed after a single day. So I gave up..
i hate surveys , they take too long and you get paid little

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