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Junk: Junk: Few Suggestions..
Well, I recently joined and here is a few of the suggestions I have.

- Shoutbox
- Faster Host
- Anything other than myBB, It's ugly.
MyBB shoutboxes tend to decrease the speed of the website and cause it to crash. This tends to happen
with all sites.

I'm upgrading the host as soon as I have enough donations/ upgrades from kind members.

I will not be changing from MyBB as MyBB is very ideal for myself. It's easy to work with, easy to skin
good looking themes.

You're the first person I've had a bad review from about the theme; everyone else thinks it's nice!
Yes, It does. I would update the host first.
No, It's not the theme that's that bad. It's really just the layout. I personally just don't like it.
But if most people like it, That's great!
Haha, ok. I'll take your advise on board. I plan to upgrade the hosting tomorrow.
Plus, I'm also doing a major update to the skin tomorrow also!
Shoutbox is a bad idea. It will decrease alot of activity.
I agree on the host idea, it could be alot faster.
And the theme is just great, I really can't see what you want to change.
And myBB is the best forum software you can get if you don't want to spend money on a software.
This thread has been junked!
This thread has been junked!

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