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Junk: Junk: ƑЭɅЯ 1s h3r3 1n Pl4y3rs 73ch
Hello guyz.I am shovon [generally known as [••ƑЭɅЯ••].I am from Bangladesh.I am doing graduation in CSE(Computer Science and Engineering).I am now working as an IT manager in an IT Based company.

My aim is to work for google.I always wanted to do that.I have another identity of mine which i will not like to share.I like to keep that identity of mine in dark.Thats where i got my name from [ •• ƑЭɅЯ łƧ ҤЭЯЭ •• ].You will gradually know that identity.Its not the proper time to know it.

Here is some basic info of mine:

Name: Shovon
Location: Dhaka,Bangladesh
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hobbies:Browsing the Internet
Occupation: IT Manager
BirthplaceBig Grinhaka
Religion:Muslim [Islam]
My Nicknames: ƑЭɅЯ , ƑЭɅЯ łƧ ҤЭЯЭ , sh0v0n etc
Brother or sister: 1 Brother
I hate: What i Dont Love

Believe in Love at first sight: NO
Got BF/GF: Yap
First crush at age: 16
Kissed anyone: Yes

Favorite Band: Metelica
Favorite Food: Chicken
Favorite Thing to do: Playing games
Favorite Drink: Vodka
Favorite Car: Buggati Vyron

Thank you

Me in Social Communities




Welcome to Players Tech, ƑЭɅЯ! Thanks for joining man.
Good luck on your aim in life and nice introduction! Big Grin
Welcome to Players Tech, enjoy you're stay.
Nice introduction you got there.
Welcome. Enjoy and have fun!,
Thanks guys
No problem man, glad to see you back with us!
This thread has been junked!
This thread has been junked!

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