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Junk: Post Your Previews of the Forum!
[Image: EhwxE5ZDmh.png]

This is because I'm getting different reviews and formats from different
users. I'm seeing different to other members.

Do the same as the image above, and enter the following code:

[img=900x500]IMAGE HERE[/img]

This is so the image doesn't go off the page!

Thanks! :blackhat:
[Image: e1c999.png]

I think the layout is pretty sick, i was sick of going to the bottom of the page to see who was online at the start but now its at the side and really handy for all the people who has a slow computer to scroll down or for when more forums get added etc.

The skin in my own opinion is pretty sweet, i like the colors and especially the design at the top of the page. I don't really like the black layout because i think its too dark but hey its my opinion and hopefully this site will grow very very fast so get referring people Smile
This thread has been junked!

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