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Junk: Hey guys, Uzi here.
Hello everyone, I'm Uzi, and that's commonly what I'm known as online. You may have seen me around such forums as TheTechGame, UziGaming, ForumKorner and HackForums - well now I'm here, hoping to become active and dedicated within the community. Personally, I like this theme a lot, I think Jord has done an excellent job revamping his forum from when it first launched. I'm from the United Kingdom and I'm into rugby, boxing and graphical designing. I'm also into playing Xbox 360 games, especially Call of Duty, web-mastering and so on. I own a musical-related website, you can find it on my profile's homepage. I've been using image manipulation software for around three years now, and I have broadened my horizons with software such as Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D and much more.

I hope to see other previous members of UziGaming around this forum.


Thanks for joining man. Also, very nice and informative introduction - other members should be inspired by your dedication.
See you around! Wink
Thank you Jord! I will be sure to stick around and contribute to the community. I appreciate you referring me to here, and I hope your forum becomes popular!
Thanks man! I much appreciate from what you've said in your last reply and your introduction post.
Welcome to PT, Uzi! Glad to see you here.
Hey Uzi. Welcome to Playerstech. You already know me, don't.
Hey Uzi Smile Glad to see you here.
Hope you help alot of people including Jord at you high roles on this site.
Smile C'Ya around the forums dude Wink
This thread has been junked!

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