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Call of Duty is the best game yet
I have been playing Call of Duty since its first version to the brand new GHOST and yet
it seems to me the best third person shooting game ever. I don't know what you guys think but please comment if anyone agrees with me.
yeha: call of duty is the best game ill play this game and this is my faverite game...Confusedmiling:
I don't play any of them but I know call of duty is popular.
I used to think it was the best game myself. I played it for a very long time. I honestly believe that that call of duty is dying and i don't like ti anymore. I switched to PC gaming and it more fun.
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That's right. You're as same as me. I was getting bored upon playing Call of Duty when I turned to PC. PC is much more interesting than Call of Duty!
When i made the cross to PC, i stopped playing CoD. Much better games on PC.
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I'd have to agree with everyone here for sure. I got hooked originally with COD 4 but I've lost the attention for it. I feel that the series has died and they really don't do anything new anymore. 4 was revolutionary to gaming none the less. Without it, shooters wouldn't be where they are today.
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