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Social Media Full setups
Social Hackers!

Hey guys! Are you sick of making multiple youtubes,facebooks,twitters and more for every new business idea you have?? Well,look no further! For once Death is the answer I can get every single social site you want for a bare bone price with full support and updating!

  • Facebook,Twitter,Youtube 8$ with constant updates and help. 4$ w/o
  • Add 1$ for every site after that then add 5$ for the updates.(Certain sites will cost more)
  • Website development 40$
  • 1 social media site 1$
If you are interested please pm me but leave a reply in the forum I'll get back to you asap
[Image: Untitled_1.jpg]
Good luck with the sales death..
(04-05-2014, 05:50 AM)Malware Defender Wrote: Good luck with the sales death..
I seriously doubt im going to get any but I thought fuck its worth a shot I need some money ya know?
[Image: Untitled_1.jpg]

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