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Changes are coming :)
Hi guys,

Some of you probably know me, others don't. Hell, the forums not even active yet. Myself, and another admin, Cisco, have been working and developing Blackmarket for a bit. We decided it was time to launch it, and well, we're here today.

Sadly though, we had issues with our MySQL and security setup and were not able to launch everything properly. We have fixed most of the issues, but there is a persistent slow-loading issue that is caused by our 3 server setup.

Blackmarket was created, contrary to its name, for the sole purpose of bringing users,members & newcomers from geographically diverse locations together, for the purpose of exchanging the most valuable asset there is on earth, and that's knowledge. Blackmarket is not a site for selling/trading or being affiliated with anything illegal, we will operate as a legal website.

We allow all computer hacking and security related talk, we even allow carding discussion on very strict terms. These include that we do not allow the sale or exchange of anything that has been stolen in any way or is considered fraud. We feel that discussing carding can be used in a potentially beneficial way to everybody, and therefore we have allowed it. Do not let this give you a bad impression about the site, this is not a carding site.

Welcome to one and all.

Do NOT PM me for any inquiries related to advertising on PacketPunks. 

For our change log, CLICK HERE.
For our help docs, CLICK HERE.
Nice introductory post DPR, any chance you could allow linking to avatars since we don't have permission to upload them?
Hello Whiteshades.

After you reach 10 posts, you will automatically gain the privilege to upload an Avatar and add a signature.
Ex-Administrator & Staff member of PacketPunks.
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suggestion: why not change the name of the black hacker,, black cracked,, hidden user,,
thank you

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