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[Hosting] 10 $ VPS LINUX HOSTING
Hello , recently i have stated hosting site . This is my price table for vps [Image: 52c1441b-31c7-4caf-bfd6-19f5f07635e6.jpg]
For purchase vps you can pm me or visit . The web site is not finished change language from top on the site ..
i can ajust price for any personnes in this forum !
Looking good buddy! Affordable prices.
Do NOT PM me for any inquiries related to advertising on PacketPunks. 

For our change log, CLICK HERE.
For our help docs, CLICK HERE.
Serious , tank very much ..
Is my first time under hostign domain ! Big Grin
So all plans come with unmetered bandwith?
[Image: uHVrTMF.jpg]
Exact all is unmetered banwith ! Big Grin
Also, whats your ToS? Do you allow DoS or anything else like that?
By the way, your website is pretty bugged. It wont go anywhere even tho i click "VPS" or "Dedicated" or anything up there.
[Image: uHVrTMF.jpg]
All is permited
This is direct link for order vps
Does your network have spoofing enabled?
[Image: uHVrTMF.jpg]
[Image: 3419940689.png]
This is networks ..

The difference with RDP and VPS

This test is under RDP Shared if you dont buy vps
[Image: 3419945041.png]
Now I know damn well OVH doesn't allow DDoS, or anything like that. It's not about what YOU want to allow, it's about what your dedicated server host allows. OVH will just suspend you if a client does something like DDoS.

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