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Liquid posion
Alright so i've been see these all over the market electronic cigerrates and hookah pins... now I got a question there a recent study We’ve all seen these electronic cigarettes, or vaping, as it’s known these days. They may seem like a decent way to give up regular cigarettes for the more affordable option. But E-cigarettes and the ingredients in them are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. So are e-cigarettes healthier than smoking traditional cigarettes? The nicotine, in liquid form, is potent and highly dangerous. Even miniscule amounts of this neurotoxin can cause vomiting and seizures, and in some cases, can even be deadly. Whether the liquid is absorbed through the skin or ingested, it can be severely harmful.

Experts say the concentrated nicotine liquid is especially risky for children, who are naturally drawn to the fun flavors and bright labels of these seemingly innocuous little vials.

I think this is utter bullshit aswell because of the government is loosing money and relazing that e-ciggerates are making regular ciggerates decrease in value

Nicotine in any form is harmful for human body as far as i know. one should avoid it.
(04-05-2014, 10:19 PM)bilal Wrote: Nicotine in any form is harmful for human body as far as i know. one should avoid it.

This is indeed... but some of the things in that article are false.
Everything involving this matter has nicotine. Just try to avoid the products and you'll be fine.
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I used to smoke like a chimney but a friend of mine showed me these vapor pens and I decided to buy one.
I've never looked back.
As far as I'm aware, not all the liquids have nicotine in them.
None of my liquids do (but only because I brought the ones without any nicotine in them) and I've got Red Bull, Mint, Watermelon, Apple, Orange, Lemon, Raspberry, Bluberry, Tea and Weed flavors.

Yes the tea flavor really does taste like tea and I think the weed has some THC in it or something because I get a little bit of a high from it. And I'm not a lightweight when it comes to drugs.
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