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How to get free food at wendys
If you go to Wendy's & Say "I'm not from this area. I'm lost & don't have money!" They will give you free food according to Wendy's policy.
But please don't be a jackass and take advantage of this is for one time use at a wendy's of your choosing. Please don't take advantage of their kindness.Also don't say that line exactly usually this is what I say, "Hey um I've never tried this but my friend said this worked I'm from about 40 miles away and I'm outta cash waiting for my ride they said they would be here in 2 hours I'm really hungry and I', not from this area I'm lost and I don't have money.
As i said don't take advantage and they won't change the policy or deny you.
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If you're actually serious about this, I'm going to be going to go to Dallas, TX real soon. I will go to every Wendy's and get me free food Big Grin
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If you need help with anything, don't hesitate on contacting me.

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