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ISP Dox Tutorial.
ISP Dox Tutorial

Things you need:
* Basic Social Engineering Skills.
* Intelligence
* Skype

Find your victim , pull their IP Using a sniffer or IP logger:, or if you have there skype a resolver: , and look up the IP online. Once you know their ISP , google the Support/Customer Care line for it.

Once you have that number, get on Skype and call. These are Toll-Free Numbers, so don't worry about Credits.

Keep Pressing Buttons/Etc. to get to the Live Representative.

Each ISP has their own Program that they use for looking up Customer Information. Here is a list of Major US Providers and their Tools.

• Systems: CCTP (Call Center Transformation Program), G2

• Systems: Icon, Polar

• Systems: Sigma, IRIS

• Systems: ACSR, Comtrac, CSG, Einstien, Grandslam, Vision

Time Warner / Road Runner
• Systems: Real, Unify

• Systems: Coffee

• Systems: IREP , Ensemble

Wide Open West
• Systems: Must , Tier One

Once you are talking to a Representative, you can follow this script, and modify it with your own information/etc. Going to be using Comcast as an example.

*You: Hello, My name is Joe , and I'm with Tech Support. I was trying to look up a Customer’s Account Information in Grandslam, when our systems crashed. I currently cannot open up Grandslam or CSG. I was wondering if you could help me out and look up a customer’s information on your end. Thanks.
Agent: They will ask you for a Phone number. Reply with:
*You: Unfortunately, I only have their IP address, since I was in Live Chat with them. I have them on scheduled called back in 3 hours. I know Grandslam can look up Customer Info with an IP, can you try it in that.
Agent: Sure... blah, blah, give them the IP.
* You: They should look everything up. You can ask for:
* Name on the account
* Address
* Phone Number
* Account Number
* Last Four of the SSN

Final Notes:
This might take some time to master, and get a successful Dox. Keep trying and make sure to add your own twist to the story/script so you sound legit.
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At least give credit to the creator/publisher of this method
This is a pretty good method for people that're starting to dox.

That's why I use VPN's most of the time.
[Image: nsa2.gif]

If you need help with anything, don't hesitate on contacting me.
In my country you don't have to worry about this.
Every time you call the provider they will ask you to legitimate your self before releasing any info, we have a database with our employs so this is busted in Romania Tongue.
The country of thief's.
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Lmao.... I don't know how agents fall for it though.
I don't really dox but thanks for the share to the community.
I tried this once before, not using this tutorial. And the live representative asked for my worker ID or whatever, so it doesn't work all the time.
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Yup, i've tried it before. They started to catch on to people and they will either ask for the workers ID or they will claim they don't have access to the information. Thanks for the post, though.
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Guys honestly this will work 100% of the time if you know how to talk maybe throw in a joke or 2 be kind and you should be alright
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(04-13-2014, 03:40 AM)Death Wrote: Guys honestly this will work 100% of the time if you know how to talk maybe throw in a joke or 2 be kind and you should be alright

"time. If"
"talk, maybe"
"two" not "2"
"two. Be"


Best regards,
Knowledge talks, wisdom listens.
PM me with any questions or comments

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