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So you want to be a hacker?
Don't post in here saying I wanna be a hacker please read this thread first.
1. Don't think just because you know what a "Rat" is your a hacker because guess what you're not.
2.If you are completely new you should learn about ratting then sql injections then learn a programming language and be useful. Or learn something else that can help other on this forum, i.e be useful.
3.Don't whine because your to lazy to learn to code and ever worse don't pretend you know code and pass your self off as better then the scum your are.
4.Be nice to other hackers they will usually be nice don't think of them as bad people most of us are good to are own kind.If they are douche bags ignore them
5.Please Please use a fucking vpn and If you don't. Don't whine about it here we don't need to catch the stupid.
Those are the basics please remember them
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