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Huawei vs Samsung ?
I have a Huawei MediaPad 7 tablet and before that I had a Samsung Note 10.11 .Earlier I thought Note was the best device until it started getting slow because of the too much heat. but this Huawei tab is working so fast and very handy. Guys,if you are gonna buy any device I recommend Huawei !
yeah, most samsung products become slow and break when you use it too much. I've never heard of Huawei here in the US, thanks for the suggestion.
[Image: 2mwp4dd.jpg]
Here , Canada the Huawei is very the best Phone i never see of my life ..
Serious is fast phone and very cheap for price...
I recommand Huawei phone
I have had the heuwi phone fast and durable.
I prefer Samsung products because they're really beautiful in design, though the quality is not always the best. I've never used Huawei before, but I'll buy one in the near future if you recommend it.

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