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Do you know Ayurveda still has got amazing healing powers?
Once I thought that western medical technology was invincible because they've got amazing surgery and operational theories. Then I went through some articles and I found there are thing that even Western Med can not achieve. So I wanted to know what it was and I found that Western Med can not cure the disease without affecting other organs. As a result of it a man can be ill again after a few years from his surgery. But medicine like Ayurveda can heal without making such a mess and making your body so healthy. Sometimes no surgery happens to take place.
yeha"budy thats really true>..:wink::tounge::tounge:
Well that is pretty interesting thanks for the shasre.
yeah i know .
Infact i use ayurveda. Confusedmiling:Confusedmiling:Confusedmiling:
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Huh, that's interesting! Thanks for the post!

Best regards,
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