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Daily Social trick
Get in good with your boss.
Ok you need to remember bosses 99% of the time like hard workers but they like people they can relate to even more.For this example my boss is a football fan and he likes the Baltimore Ravens. Let's say Ravens just lost a game and your getting scolded by him you can reply "sorry sir ravens lost last night and its getting me down" people love others they can relate to.I used this on my boss when I worked for pizza hut and I almost always got the promotions. You need to relate even if you have to lie pretend you like the things he does and talk about it hell it might even get you out of some work.So the lesson here is try to relate to people and they will like you for it.Hard work can only get you so far but social engineering can get you even farther.

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Ye, this is a great method to get close to your boss and benefit from that.
Just find out what he likes and dislikes, form your personality and be the mirror of that person, this will help you get to the top.
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I've tried this before, it really is a great way to get close to someone.
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TIPO: This can be used with girls as well, get a common subject that they love and you'll get closer to their panties fast @[email protected]
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That's how I get along with lots people.

Just relate even if you have to lie, it'll get you far.
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