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Daily Social trick 2
For the teenagers out there, how to stay home from school. (faking sick)
This is a basic 3 step plan.
1.The buildup the day before you want to fake pretend your sick be like "oh my stomach hurts a bit i need to go lay down" maybe moan a bit but do not oversell it be humble.
2.The convincing don't sit there and beg mom/dad im sick I can't go to school make them not want to take you and how do you do this?Act like your sick! Hell make your self throw up but do it somewhere they'll see it. This part is crucial you need to be very careful and again don't oversell it.
3.While your home if you have a stay at home mom/dad you need this step if not go have fun sexy beast.You cannot forget that you are sick! You need to be consistent throughout the whole day and act the same way you did in the morning when their not around go ahead and have fun just remember to be consistent maybe slowly get better throughout the day.
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