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-Banned service-
This service has been permanently banned from PP.
Any vouches??? The bitcoin thing makes it extremely suspicious
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"We?" What is the we you speak of?

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Yeah just have negative 5 rep nobodys going buy from you
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(04-11-2014, 11:22 AM)JackHF Wrote: These our dedicated servers hosted our colocation. These servers have IP Header Modification enabled.

Package #1
Port : 1Gbps
Ram : 8 GB
Unlimited Bandwidth

$100 Monthly
$500 Yearly

Package #2
Port : 10Gbps
Ram : 32 GB
Unlimited Bandwidth

$300 Monthly
$1500 Yearly

We only be accepting Bitcoin for this. Questions will be answered via skype or private messgae.

Skype: jackrpper.hf

I sincerely hope your upstream cuts you off.
I don't like to deal with hosting company's that accept only BTC, without a website without some contact info.
It's like you go to the toilet blind and smash your face in every wall till you get there.
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We no longer allow products sold by JackHF to be sold on anymore.
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