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$2 Dedicated server.
Allright, you will need paypal for this.
Well, I was searching on internet, and I found this, it gives you the first month free, and the minimum contract is 1 month, so it's free Happy
here a link and specs;LINK

And here the specs;
EcoServer BIG X6
Guaranteed server delivery within 24hGuaranteed server delivery within 24h
AMD Athlon™ II, Quad-Core
2x 1,500 GB SATA II HDD
Unlimited traffic
Monthly payment
No minimum contract period
(remember to change the delivery to max 24 hours so u wont have to pay)
Enjoy! Smile
[Image: uHVrTMF.jpg]
Interesting. Nice share.
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I'll check this soon, very soon Big Grin
[Image: 0sPWRRx.gif]
I might be interested in this just give me sometime

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