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Php episode 1(Structure of a program).
Welcome to my first program in Php.
I hope that you will like it.

lets start.

echo "hello forum";

hello forum

A PHP script always starts with <?php and ends with ?>. A PHP script can be placed anywhere in the document.

// this ://... is for comments in one line.
/*this:/*...*/is for comments in more than one line. */
echo "hello forum";/*using the <echo> we print a message.Also we use <"...">so inside of this we write our setences.And we always end with this:<;>. */

I belive that it will help you.
Second tut,will come soon.
Great simple guide for explaining the echo PHP function.
Also it works if you write "print" instead of "echo" as print was the first PHP function to give an output.
Then later the PHP function echo came out.

Keep up the great work, soon we might have a whole book for coding structure.
I love your enthusiasm and your dedication! However you mite want to change the first sentence. It's incorrect English.
You have : "Welcome in first program in PHP." It should be : Welcome to your first program in PHP or
Welcome to your first program written in PHP. Great job though.
Ok man ,i channged the first setence.
Also i know that print is used instead of echo,but echo is more popular so dont care if i refer the prinnt.

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