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Tell me in wwhich languages you are interest to learn so to write tutorials?

I have write some in some languages,but it will be better if i know which tuts you are interest.

thank you.
i would love to see some c++ tutorials Wink
I have made man some,but i wil continue,so keep looking.
(08-02-2012, 09:36 AM)Hepic Wrote: I have made man some,but i wil continue,so keep looking.

Thanks man (: would love to learn C++ it can become very handy :p
Some nice Java Script functions will be very useful. I could see a lot of people getting use out of it. A lot of people learn JS after they lean
HTML/CSS, So having a nice selection of tuts on JS will benefit this forum greatly!
OK guys i will post some tutorials about javascript.
I can make Javascript Tutorials aswell, but I don't know what you would like to learn, so if anyone have a question about how to do something in Javascript, then I will make a tutorial about that.
Are you knowing of Ruby? I'm getting into it.
I would like some Javascript if u get time to it once Tongue
Some PHP?
Tongue Goodluck

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