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Illustrator Image Trace [Only CS6+]
Hello everyone! I thought it was about time I made ​​a tutorial, so i will show off one of the new features in Illustrator CS6 Called Image trace.

What is Image Trace?
Image trace is a new feature there allows the user to take pretty much any picture and turn it in to vector automatically.

As many graphics know if you wanted to turn something in to vector you had to do it by hand with the pen tool or what else tool you normally used.

Will the Pen tool be useless now?
Short answer: No

The Pen tool will probaly give you a more comfort, as you will know where you have placed the diffrent anchor points, and just give a better feeling of control.
Hard to explain but some of you folks migth feel same (hopefully so i dont sound as an idiot Big Grin) and some may feel diffrent about it.
And it can ofc still be used to draw, make logos etc.

Is it only to make vector?
No, there are many presets in the settings box, i would recommend just play around with them.

Lets get started!
Setp 1: Start by finding a picture you wanna use
Picture used in the tutorial:

Step 2: Lets find the Image trace window
Go to Window -> Image trace
[Image: 68344780.jpg]

You should se a box like this:
[Image: 40243232.jpg]
This is where you control all the setting in your image/vector Play around with this to find what you need.

Step 3:
Click on your picture so its "active" and click trace, This will show the current preset your have choosen.
[Image: 10572371.jpg]

If you have a slow PC dont click stop as the program will probaly stop running and ruin all your work if you havent saved.
Just click Ctrl + Z when is done loading.

You can see how many path and Anchor points there are used to the diffrent setting, at the bottom of the settings box. better quailty = more anchor points and paths.
[Image: 28959927.jpg]

Extra Tip
Dont forget to Save: Go to File -> save or save as "Ctrl + S"

Step 4:

By clicking the little eye besides view, you can see how the orignal picture looks "you gotta hold the mouse in on the eye"
[spoiler][Image: 41382021.jpg]

Click on Expand and you should see the anchor points comeing.

[Image: 49536491.jpg]
you can now drag the anchor points as you normally would be able to do.


Lets compare some 2 presets with the orignal picture:
[spoiler][Image: 60777121.jpg]

And agian the better quailty it is, the more anchor points will be needed.

Make your own settings
You can make your own settings ofc. just click on advanced and play with the settings.
[spoiler][Image: extraut.jpg]

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Smile
Nice Tutorial Buddy, Great Share..

Looking forward to your next tutorial
Not bad at all.

I'm liking the steps, very detailed and nice.
Glad you both liked it Smile

And please feel free to give some feedback, so i know what i can do better next time Smile

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