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[Multimedia] Headphones?
I've had quite a few headphones over the years and of course, most of them break within a short while. In the last year I've been using Urbanears and they are absolutely amazing. Backed by a lifetime no limit warranty you can't go wrong. I've exchanged them multiple times in store, all you do is give them your broken pair and you get to choose a new pair, color and all. You can do this unlimited times as the store just sends them to the company who covers the warranty, it's the best deal I've ever had on headphones in my life. No more SkullCandy's which break within a month and take a year to get the new pair in the mail :)

[spoiler][Image: urbanears-bagis-kopfhoerer-true-white-150.jpg][/spoiler]

^^^ Right now I've got the white ones ^^^

What kind of headphones do you use?
get something with 10hz to 25 khz 120 Db sensitivity and you got some awesome headphones I use skullcandy aviators because I dislike buds but yeah headphones are easy to find in good quality if you spend the right amount of money
[Image: Untitled_1.jpg]
That looks great, but is the warranty international?
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Sounds like you've outdone me pretty good there Death haha, I just needed some decent quality ones for biking, snowboarding etc. I'm not sure about the warranty being international, but in Canada I can return them pretty much anywhere :)
Nah if your using then for sports those headphones look good I thought u ment just listening to Tongue
[Image: Untitled_1.jpg]

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