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Hello Guys

We have Introduced a Chatbox to the Forum, It is currently only available to Premium and Elite Members. So if you would like access visit here:

Normal Rules Apply in the Chatbox and if you are abusive or spamming you will be banned from the Chatbox and be infected on the forum.

More Updates to Come,

Thanks for the update pr0x, me and the other upgraded members are really enjoying the update!
The chatbox looks amazing <3
I feel like this was a wonderful update, very nice.

- Guntile.
Thanks for the update!
If you guys further suggestions to make about this new update feel free to message me or Pr0x!
It would be nice to see how many which are online, but only those which actually can see the chatbox?

So a little counter which count how many ELITE and UPGRADED members are online.

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