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Morning Everyone,

My name is Bassel and I am an experienced web developer and designer. I'm currently studying to become a Civil Engineer and in my spare time I code and design as a freelancer. I own 2Wire Designs and Edge Coding, both of which I have ceased operations for them as I am currently moving on to creating a gaming blog Called: Console Center.

Well what else is there to say, I used to operate a web hosting company under the name of Hype Hosts, we made good money but had to shut it down due to my studies and the lack of time I had to offer the place.

I enjoy gaming on my PS3 and love to watch Action movies Smile

If you have any questions regarding me, please let me know Smile


Welcome to the community.

Enjoy your stay and read the rules
Welcome Bassel.

Interesting to meet another Web Developer, I am looking forward to see some of your work.
Yep can't wait to meet the community and share my ideas and my projects!


Welcome to the forums bud, you'll see it's really cool here Big Grin

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