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Junk: Cant access FW
Hello everybody i cant get into FW from Chrome Firefox Internet explore or anything, exepct somethign called TorBrowser as Mark showed me but its running so slooow, and i can also get access if i use hidemyass or anythign like that, i see the old message saying: "This bulletin board is currently closed. The Administrator has specified the reason as to why below.
We are Moving to a New Dedicated Server, Be Back Soon Wink" with the old theme Smile
Hope someone can help me here! Smile
The reason for this is that we only transferred the domain yesterday, therefore some places may not be fully DNS Updated.

Should not be too long of a wait, You can try and refresh your Cookies or renew your ipconfig.
Tried all above i guess i'll just have to wait a little and use this shitty tor Browser Smile
Problem is solved Smile
Great News cawex, Thread Closed
This thread has been junked for a reason, leave it!

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