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Junk: Junk: New Subscription Packages
I've added two new subscription packages. They are both currently called
"VIP" & "VIP+".

VIP is a monthly recurring subscription of $4.
VIP+ is a lifetime premium upgrade with slightly lower benefits than Elite.

I'm going to be referring the Elite group to a Ub3r like group in Hack Forums.

Once you've upgraded to VIP, you need to be accepted privately by me into the Elite group
before you can purchase it.

I'm needing names of these groups to be called. I was thinking of Bronze, Silver & Gold; just something simple.

Leave your views and opinions please!
I think we should wait until we get more members.
Platinum,Jinx,Medal, Idk i just made those up out the top of my head.
(05-22-2012, 12:35 AM)Blur Wrote: I think we should wait until we get more members.

I'm planning ahead, for any members who have not got enough
for the bigger packages, and so they can make the most out of something

Multiple people have PM'd me asking for some sort of agreement.
Well, I've finally reacted!
Good luck with it.
I don't like the idea of a monthly subscription. But thats just me.
But I like that you have to be accepted into the "Elite" Group.
Ok Deadly. I'll remove the monthly package :blackhat:
It's your decision. I just don't like it. I'm more like a person that want to pay once, and know it is going to last for ever Big Grin
Yea, I agree. Smile
This thread has been junked!
This thread has been junked for a reason, leave it!

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