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Junk: Junk: New Usergroup
The new user group, 'Top Posters' has been added. This has been implented
to hopefully make people post on Players Tech.

I've set it as my default usergroup to show an example.
I'll be awarding this group to the top 3 posters of Players Tech.

The current top 3 posters on Players Tech are:

1. Jord
2. Deadly
3. xKore

I've added the group to your Group Memberships which is found in your
user cp.


[Image: a2WeffWdw9.png]

Love it. Just hope it doesnt cause members to spam for it.
Hopefully people wont spam just to get this.
Very nice implement, I wouldn't mind having this!
(05-23-2012, 07:17 PM)Smile! Wrote: Very nice implement, I wouldn't mind having this!

Just start posting then. (:
But don't spam, you will most likely get banned. (:
Ok, Deadly! Thanks for the advise!
No problem, mate. I'm here to help.
Feel free to pm me or an admin if you have any questions or problems. (:
Very nice addon jord
Yay I top poster!
This thread has been junked!

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