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Some Inspiration To Keep You Going
Throughout the years of growing up, going through high school, learning new things I realized a path in life I wanted to take. That path was simply life long learning. Without constant knowledge intake what fun would life be? What would I end up doing? There's no way I was going to let myself end up like countless other people in some dead end job going nowhere with my life. I'm sure many of you feel the same way, and that's why I wanted to share a few things with you.

This thread is going to serve as a concentrated resource for inspiration. I will make sure to keep it updated with all of the amazing sources I find, as there are many of them out there. The types of things I will share are news posts, blog posts, anything really that may inspire you to keep going, no matter what path you might choose. Hopefully this thread will give you the support you need for any new ideas or goals in your life.

  • Hacker Manifesto - This is a very famous essay written by an inspirational hacking mentor. It's one of the first things that made me choose to go down the hacker path a long time ago.
  • The Original Hackers - Some of the people who defined the term hacker, unfortunately gaining some unwanted attention in the process.

More coming soon! I've read all kinds of inspiring things throughout my knowledge seeking career. Many of which I have forgotten about and need to find again. Once I do they will be added to this list.
Thank you Anonymous! Great post my friend <3

Best regards,
Knowledge talks, wisdom listens.
PM me with any questions or comments
(04-20-2014, 07:59 AM)Siberia Wrote: Thank you Anonymous! Great post my friend <3

Best regards,

Thanks! I love finding these types of articles, I tend to spend most of my time researching them.

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