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How do you like the forum?
So guys, how do you like the forum so far? Comments? Suggestions? Complaints?
The forum is nice, but I think the design can be tweaked a bit to look better. Maybe add a gradient background instead of just a dark black?
I do love it or quite so smitten along with it oh Wow or oi Merlin or got on!
It's great! I love the color scheme!
We need to work on color..
It deserves to have a lot more members. I see that this forum has great potential.
I like the forum so far. It seems like it has plenty of potential like Soulmate said. I can't wait to see it grow and have more members on it so it can be more active. I feel like once this forum is active, I will be on it a TON!
Love it.
Also thank our great admins, staff, mods, and graphic designers. Couldn't happen without them!
Looking quite slick and very well managed, although you could use more sub-forums.

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