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How To Close a Facebook
This is a step by step, expert written tutorial.
DO NOT use it for illegal purposes. It should only be used in cases where the person is actually deceased or to shut down your own account.

  1. Visit
  2. Complete the Full Name, E-mails, and Timeline URL fields
  3. Select and option for relationship to the person. Your chance of having the account terminated will be greater if you select the option, "Immediate family (spouse, parent, sibling, child)"
  4. Then enter the URL to the death certificate image (We'll get to this later)
  5. Select the option, "Memorialize account" for the Requested Action
  6. Enter your e-mail (You might want to create a new one with a fake name and the person's last name)

About getting proof of death... just google "blank death certificate", go to Images, and choose one, preferably in a foreign language. Fill it out, upload it to, get the URL, and paste it into the proof field. Done.

And there you go.... closed within 24-48 hours in most cases.
Thank you, this is actually funny.
Haha thanks, defently Going to try this
I want to try this to troll all of my friends ty

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