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Anapnea IRC Trolling
#1 is a provider of free shell accounts. Their policy requires you to log into IRC and request an account from one of the admins.

Under normal circumstances, a user should get an account. But the admins on Anapnea are so elitist and arrogant that they don't really give out accounts. One day I unknowingly arrived in IRC to make such a request, and I was immediately insulted by one of the admins. From that day forward, I decided that I would troll anapnea's IRC shamelessly, whenever I was moronically bored.

Since the admins don't really care, I have had a good time pretending to be an admin on IRC, and when a new person comes to ask for a shell acount, I ask them all sorts of crazy questions, and then give them a really embarrassing username & password that doesn't work.

Examples of questions I asked (And got an answer!):
  • How long is your keyboard?
  • What colour is your primary refrigerator?
  • What is your favorite colour?

This can go on until the new user figures out you are a troll. It is hilarious! And you won't have problems with the admins because they are to lazy to talk with the new person, and would rather be a spectator to your trolling - if you are funny enough.

Good luck, and be sure to post any responces you get from newbies.
LOL. I usually troll the #drupal forum when I get bored. Maybe I should help you with your professional trolling...
Lmao, This is actually a pretty good troll, Count me in if you need any help Smile

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