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Junk: Junk: Promo video needed - Shared hosting reward
Hey guys!

So I run a small business that does website hosting (all the server business that keeps a site online). I provide web hosting accounts which come in different categories and I'm in need of a promotional video.

The following information has to be included in the promo video. Some of the information marked with a * are optional to include.

Things to advertise:
-25% off first order!
-Shared hosting from $0.75 a month!
-Reseller hosting from $2.25 a month!
-Unmetered features!
"Visit to get started"
-98.99% Uptime*
-Secure servers*
-cPanel Pre installed*

Shared Hosting account for 1 year worth $48.00!

Thank you.
Very nice contest you have here 2sl! I might participate in this one! Big Grin
i might give it a try when i get my stuff setup
Thinking about doing it? Well you better hurry as this wont be here forever!

Its always nice to see some contest's.
Good luck with it.
(05-21-2012, 09:06 PM)xKore Wrote: Nice

You've always got something long and positive to say Kore! Confuseduperman:
Great! I'm going to make a video right now for you Big Grin
(05-23-2012, 07:25 PM)Smile! Wrote: Great! I'm going to make a video right now for you Big Grin

Ok, hmu when you're done! :oui:
Great ambition, Smilie!
Hope all goes well whilst making the promotional video.


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