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Halo is overrated
Halo is overrated, it's all about pokemon now.

HALO isn't overrated. I keep getting killed in it, but at least it's better than Pokemon. Pokemon is for noobs.
Don't diss Pokemanz like that :c , I grew up with that game.
Yeah, I played it too. Only the card game. Not bad. But somewhat confusing at first. But I moved on, though.
Halo is da bomb. I don't know what you're talking about.
It's all about the Planet SideZ 2 see that Z that was a zed Z but there are no zombies in that game
POKEMON IS AWESOME and dont you dare diss it
I must agree to Chuck's statement.
Halo is COMPLETELY overrated.
FYI, UMadPineTree is Chuck_Knoblock.

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