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[God] Supero's GFX Shop [Free Of Charge Niggah]
So, I guess you need some GFX huh?

Well just your luck because I'm doing some sigs for free for the first few people because I'm new to CF and I thought I should contribute in some way.

So if you want a sig, you'll have to provide me with the following:

Sample Works:
[Image: pMJMT.png]

[Image: PZvx6.png]

[Image: x8tcJ.png]
[Image: x8tcJ.png]
Hey, your graphics look awesome! Can you make an ad for Cyber Forums for me to put in my sig in other forums?

Text/title: Cyber Forums
Text 2: Cyber Forums is the top rated portal into the world of hacking, programming, and computing. Noob friendly. Highest rated tutorials, tools, and info.

Make the title look sort of like the logo, but more awesome.
And give it a sort of espionage/gaming/black hat sort of theme.

Thanks a lot!
Text2: WhiteHat
Give it a sort of espionage/gaming/black hat sort of theme.
[Image: Aw9l8YJ.png]

Add me On Skype: Tiger.kelleway
Sure, I'm going out today.
So I'll get to work on it when I get back Smile
Please provide me with a render Xile21.
[Image: x8tcJ.png]
Text: ForumVip
Give it a gaming and hacking theme
WoW, nice graphics.
[Image: 7qrPW9P.png]
Nice graphics. Wrong section.

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