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Build a Linux cow
Hi, Welcome to my first tutorial on making a Linux cluster.

In this tutorial I will be explaing how to make either a COW or Beowulf cluster and the main purpose i use it for.


- COW is a Cluster Of Workstations, so just a bunch of pre-made computers with all parts attached to each individual one. (easier)

- Beowulf is a bunch of motherboards with only 1 hard drive, disk drive/cd drive and floppy disk drive (optional) which are on some sort of rack connected to some source of power

Items needed
As many motherboards as desired
A ethernet switch
Cat-5 cables
A usb storage unit

How to make Both Clusters


1. Firstly you need to make sure all the motherboards/computers are correctly fuctioning and boot into the bios

2. Secondly choose the best computer out of all of the motherboards/computers we will refer to this computer as main and the rest as slaves.

3. Thirdly make sure the main motherboard/computer is eligable to boot from usb

4. Fourthly make sure all the slaves are eligable to boot from network


Right make sure all of your motherboards/computers are all connected to the switch using the cat-5 cable and make sure there is power going to the motherboards/computers and switch.


First off download: PelicanHPC (get latest version)

The link :

Then, Download: unetbootin

The link:

once downloaded, open unetbootin and select "diskimage" then press the 3 dots next to it and locate the PelicanHPC ISO file and then make sure your usb dive is correct if all is ok then select ok.


once unetbootin has finished take out your usb and place in your main computer and make sure all the motherboards/computers are connected to the switch. Switch on the main and go into bios and make sure that the first boot device is usb save settings then power off. switch on the main allowing it to boot the usb. Follow the instructions until you get to select device and select eth0 then it should say 0 nodes available. Now go to the slaves and boot them all from network and as they boot from network it should come to a log in screen dont log in go back to your main and it should say X nodes available. you now have a super computer
Nice Tutorial! I might need this once I get enough money to build a box that runs Linux. Right now I'm win XP'ing.
Thanks for sharing this.
Nice Share! I well be using this, once i get enough money for it.
Thanks for the share, works great I just hooked a bunch of old boards together now I just need a use for it

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