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Update - 03/10/2014 - vBig
Hello everyone and welcome to the new

The migration wasn't as smooth as it could have been, but in the end, it was a complete success.

With the migration, we have some new software as well as hardware.
Software wise we're now running NGINX. We were using Apache but there's 3 main reasons why we switched. 1) NGINX is MUCH more secure. 2) NGINX is more efficient and faster. 3) It's less vulnerable to Denial of Service attacks.
We've also done some tweaking to NGINX to make it even more faster and efficient as well as limit the number of connections and block connections automatically. If you're a legit user, you will not have any problems with this new system.
As you may have already noticed, we have a sleek, smooth, sexy new theme.
We have some new plugins; ProStats, Advanced Spoiler, Online 24, Hide content, Username history and more.

Hardware wise we're now in a new Data Center and we have back end DDoS protection but we won't go into detail.
We're now running on a newer, more powerful node than we were before.

If you find any bugs or glitches, please PM me the information about it including where it is and what made it occur.
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On-top of what Cisco has said:

We've decided to discontinue use of the Cloudflare system. The primary reason for using Cloudflare was for L7 (HTTP) denial of service attacks - our new security will prevent most DDoS attacks. Cisco did an excellent job with the transition, we have a few bugs to neat out but we're getting them done one by one.

HTTPS (SSL) 256 & 512 bit encryption is now being used site-wide for added user-end security. SSL encrypts your connection, to and from the server. It makes the site slightly slower, but this is not noticeable to users, it also adds some extra pressure on the CPU but we have the resources to cover it.

Furthermore, we will be launching our own VPN service on separate dedicated hardware for all users of PP. This will happen sometime this week or next week.

Stay tuned guys, and Cisco did a above excellent job with the mitigation!
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Nginx is indeed superior to Apache. I'll be performing some configuration tweaks and updates to our web server later today. During that time, the web server may throw an occasional error until I'm done with the maintenance.

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