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[Web languages(HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, etc.)] How to Create a Phishing site
Hey CyberForums It's Bot

I will be showing you how to create a basic Phishing Site.

For those who don't know what phishing is, it's making a fake website that looks similar to a common website and use it to grab data (username, pass etc' )

The tutorial is noob friendly so here you go!




Important Files

Ok, after you downloaded and installed the stuff, you will need to register at a Free-Hosting service (for example Zymic/Bytehost/FreeHosting/etc') and after you register they send you by email the FTP information, and that is what you need.
It looks like that:

[Image: R7At0a5.png]

Ok, now what you need to do is open the files i gave you, and open login.html
with Notepad++ .

Now, what you do is change the url to your url like this

[Image: 8fzeuuV.png]

Don't Forget to add /action.php at the end! it's important.

After you edited the file you are basically done, all left is uploading it to the web.

Open FileZilla, just fill in the info, it will look like this:

[Image: ie1hw0n.png]

Put both of the files in the same folder too..

Ok after that you can go to your website for example'

It will send the data to
Because that is what the action.php script does.

Enjoy the Tutorial and feel free to ask questions Smile
Nice tutorial! Promoted in the latest Cyber Forums News edition.
Thanks for this great Tutorial! I'm sure it well come handy to people who do not know how to do this.
Great Simple steps there very good for newbies.
Best Regards,

[Image: 8COZs1S.gif]
Nice tut there dude! Congrats Smile
[Image: Aw9l8YJ.png]

Add me On Skype: Tiger.kelleway
I remember when I used to make a ton of these sites haha. I ended up selling all the information I got.
Awesome tutorial! Helped! Big Grin

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