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Promotion Award Contest
Whoever can spam Hack Forums, Leak Forums, and any other forum with the most advertisements for Cyber Forums will win the award.

I advise you don't use your primary account, as the account you spam with will probably be banned.

The goal is to make as many posts advertising Cyber Forums as you can, and get them to stay up as long as possible before the thread gets deleted by staff members.

Let's get started! The winner receives 5,000 credits, the Promotion award, and a free EXECUTIVE upgrade.

Please feel free to use the image in my signature to help promote the forum. Just don't hotlink it.
*Bumps thread*
I don't want to be slayed by hackers. I'll stay out.
[Image: liQzqQV.jpg]
Aww man... use a proxy for cryin out loud!
(03-05-2013, 12:27 PM)scheMe Wrote: I don't want to be slayed by hackers. I'll stay out.

nVPN, Use this if you think you're going to get booted offline.

It cost $6.00 a month though.

You can still get users host IP addresses if you're using a free VPN, therefore I am not doing this.
As hackforums have amazing hackers, they will do hack me for doing this.

I currently can not purchase a VPN, so I also can't do that yet.
I'll spam Leak Forums though.

[Image: 0N6]

If needed, please contact one of administrators for assistance.

ImProjex   Ryan | Virus


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