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[Web languages(HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, etc.)] my first attempt in editing css
Check this.

Well like the title says this is my first try to create a css-clip.
i wanted to add some smooths but i cant be arsed with css and its demo player. complicated for a beginner.

Well i know this is a COD board but i just want to show it to you guys Big Grin
ye. noticed later they are a bit too loud.
Nice and Clayman is a baws :D
*You should get him here :P
Big Grin i guess clayman gets those kind of emails everydayBig Grin
Im gonna try this also once, never edited CSS, but it looks fun =).
Uuh what happened to their accounts? Confusedcared:
Need any help? Feel free to PM me Big Grin i'll be glad to help!

My Contribution Threads!!

(06-14-2013, 01:31 PM)ToasterStrudel Wrote: Uuh what happened to their accounts? Confusedcared:
At some point I believe part of the database was lost or something. May have been a merge error. Most of the accounts before 2013 dont exist.

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