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Who has Xbox?
Hey, who has xbox?
What games do you mainly play?
I think a good portion of us here have an xbox. I play Black ops, Minecraft, Battlefield 3, MW3, MW2 and halo sometimes.
Battlefield 3 is my favourite lol
There is a gamertag thread if you look post your name there :D
This thread is kinda irrelevant. Pretty much everyone that posts in this section has a xbox 360
I do you can add me FaTaLiTy dE

I play minecraft and call of duty
I have one : Add Sova Visual

I only play COD though.
I've got an xbox i play fifa13, Mw2 and Mw3.
I do.

If you want, you can add me.

GT = Customer

But please message me first, and say you're from CF.
[Image: MryOzM9.png]
I have an xbox, I get banned a lot for hosting MW3 recoveries and MW2 lobbies, but my current GT is Apt Quo, I play cod and bf3, and zombie games mostly.
HMU but message me saying you are from here if you add :3
[Image: vyNuQuq.jpg]

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