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Junk: Junk: Superpoints!
Superpoint is a GPT network that is invite only. There are many ways of making points as you can see in the picture below.
[Image: superpointgetpoints.png]
The objective of Superpoints is making money by earning Superpoints. The rate is about 1 SP = 0.01$ US

Here is an explanation of the ways to make money:

Watch videos:
Watching a short video (about 1 min) will give you different amounts of SuperPoints, it may be one as it may be a hundred.

Complete offers:
There is many kinds of offers, it is like on almost evert GPT.
[Image: offersq.png]

More offers:
The same as Complete offers

Superlucky button:
[Image: buttonha.png]
This is a button who gives you points once in a while
[Image: superlucky.png]

Other ways of making points are:
You get 25 points everytime someone register using your Invite

If your member rank is gold or above, you get points everytime your friends make a survey or win using the Superlucky button.
[Image: memberlevel.png]

This site is invite only so you can't register without a referrer.
Here is my link:

You get more points by getting to rank "Basic" then staying without rank.

To redeem your money, you can get it redeemed on Paypal, get an amazon gift card or items as an Ipad. Lowest amount on Paypal is 5$ for 500 Superpoints.

Please note:
Do not post your referrals on my thread.

This is about all I had to say about SuperPoints Network, I may edit this thread adding informations if I forgot anything.

Extra note:
I already redeemed 10$ on this website and currently have 1800 points/18$. I didn't make a single survey, all I did was referring members and click on the superlucky button once in a while.
I'm not going to lie. But I hate GPT sites, I rather auto pilot where little effort is put in. Tongue
I know, I'm awfully lazy.
There are also bots that can do this for you.
(05-09-2012, 01:03 AM)Stealth Wrote: There are also bots that can do this for you.

That's for clicking. Even then, the maximum you can make is, $2 daily.
I've made about 35$ with superpoints, simply taking few minutes of my time to click on the button every day and having few referrals.
Cool story, bro.
This thread has been junked!
This thread has been junked for a reason, leave it!

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