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Tips to Become a High Quality Forum Member
How to be a High Quality Forum Member

Today in this guide I will be giving you guys quite a few tips on being an active and high quality forum member. Members who are less experienced with forums may find this guide a bit more helpful than some of you more experienced members.

Major tips:

Make sure to find a forum with a niche that you have a strong interest in. If you do not have strong interest in the type of forum you are joining, it will be pretty hard to be an active member. For example, if you are going to join a leaking forum like leakboard, make sure you have a strong interest in leaking. If you aren't going to leak anything, you will most likely be considered a low quality leecher, that's just how things are.

Be sure to give back to the community every once in a while. If you want to be a well known, high quality member of a forum, you must give back to the community in some way. If all you do is take from the community, nobody will see you as a dedicated member. If you are on a forum like leakboard, then the least you could do is go out and buy a $2 eBook every week or two and leak it onto the forum. It is honestly not hard or expensive for a forum like this one.

One last major point is to be high quality. Now this is something a lot of members have trouble with in their posts. Try to make your threads and posts as high quality as possible. Some pretty easy ways of doing this are:

- Correct grammar. This is a big one, and it is very important. Look over your posts a couple times for spelling and punctuation errors before posting it. This will increase the quality of your posts tremendously.

- Be informational. Try to post things that are informational towards the subject. For example, if you are rating somebody's graphic, don't just say, "It sucks, I give it a 3/10". Instead, try giving them some tips on what they can do better with their graphic. Give them ways to improve their skills and just be informational. Useless posts are very low quality and, well, useless.

- Stay on topic. The one thing that I absolutely hate that a lot of people do is off-topic posts. Try to keep your posts relative to the forum which you are in. What I mean by this is don't go asking people to rate a new graphic you made in the lounge, post it in the "Rate My Graphic" section, it's there for a reason!

Minor tips:

I am not going to give too much information on these as they are just minor tips to help you stick out as a high quality member. These may not be as important as the major tips, but can still be a great asset to you as a member.

- Be respectful. I know I'm not too fond of a member who is an asshole to every member he comes across. Just be nice and respectful to other members and you will be liked by others (hopefully).

- Don't be too "by-the-book". It's okay to have fun and make jokes. Don't always be serious, it will drive some members away. Have fun and make jokes, but be high quality while doing so.

- Be helpful. Try to help members as much as you can on the forum. This will help you become known by a lot of other members of the forum and possibly get that reputation count up.


If you put all of these tips together, you will be an all around great member of a forum. Hopefully these tips have helped you in some way to become a better forum member. I hope to see some members grow from this thread.

If this thread helped you please click the like button and post to keep it alive. Thanks for reading!
Aww man, you beat me to posting this... -_-
(01-06-2013, 06:18 PM)Paradox Wrote: Aww man, you beat me to posting this... -_-

Haha, really? Better luck next time brah Tongue

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