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Junk: Junk: Never Back Down|Xbox Clan|Site Updated
We Are a Very Mature Gaming Community With Over 50 Members.We Trying To Make Sure Our
Members Have The Best Gaming Experiences In Our Community.We Are Looking For Members 15 And Older.We Play Hardcore Search And Destroy,HardCore TeamDeathMatch,Hardcore KC,Hardcore Dom,We Also Play Core As Well. If You Are Looking For a Great Gaming Community Then This community Is For You. We Have Fun And We Always Treat Our Members Like Family. We Also have Our Own Website That You Guys Can Post On and Meet New Gamers.
Nice site. Looks pretty much cooler.
Nice site. I just decided to make a site with "Enjin", your forum software.
I really enjoyed the site & content.
Enjin is a VERY good clan site maker.
No arguement here.
We are still liking for more members
What exactly is this?
A Clan

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