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Xbox 360 SEing Method

  • VCC with at least a dollar on it
  • Drop House (If you're going to do more than one)
  • Serial Numbers that's still in warranty
Getting a Serial Number
To get a serial number go on eBay, find an Xbox and E-Mail the seller asking for the serial number because you have to check with Microsoft to see if it's stolen. Not everyone will give you the serial number.
Social Engineering The Xbox

Then click on "Start request"
[Image: 33286zo.png]
You should then be on this page:
[Image: 33248s3.png]
You can use any excuse you'd like except "Safety concern or issue"

and for the additional comments just make up some kind of bs story.
[Image: 2yplz01.png]
Then press continue

Here's the warranty part, if it has warranty it'll give you the option to continue without paying anything, just click "Continue"

Then you'll be on the shipping address part of the process. Remember, if you're doing more than one, use the drop address for safety.

Press "Continue" when you're done.

Once you're on the "Shipping Options" page make sure that you did the credit card option, it's the only way to get an advanced replacement.
[Image: 1tkdq0.png]

Then click "continue"

For the payment enter your VCC info.

Click "continue"

If your VCC works it'll process and then you have a new Xbox 360
Great tutorial.
Wait... shit... a NEW XBOX? Did not pay attention to that...
Thanks for the share.
[Image: 7qrPW9P.png]
well all i need is a vcc i have 4 SNs xD
Wait... will they deduct from the credit card if you don't send the broken one back?
(01-16-2013, 12:40 AM)Ominous Wrote: Wait... will they deduct from the credit card if you don't send the broken one back?

And that's why you use a VCC on this.
Didn't work for me... no option but to send it back in the form.
Lol :3 I always wanted to get Xbox

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