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Full Disclosure: Using Firefox Addon with Adfocus to get $30/Day
You need Firefox, to begin with.

Step 1: Register at
Step 2: Get on Firefox, and download this add-on:
Step 3: Also download this add-on:
Step 4: Make a link with, and open it in about 20 tabs or so.
Step 5: Right click on all the tabs and hover of ReloadEvery, than click every 10 seconds (best results with 10) than click enable
Step 6: Use a window hider to hide Firefox, you can just keep it going all day, and get about $30 a day or so.
Seems like a great method, thanks.
I am afraid that Adfoc didn't pay out for me.
[Image: Aw9l8YJ.png]

Add me On Skype: Tiger.kelleway
Many people posting online that is a scam, as soon as it comes time to pay out they 'flag' the account without reason. Keep in mind that these were people making small amounts of money, too, 20-50 dollar range, nothing obscene.

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