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PacketPunks - Update.
Hey everyone!

It's been about a week since a update was due and its time to update what members we have active.

PP's activity has really sunk low, we're barely keeping an active stream of 30 users, and even that is falling. We need your help to grow. Help us by advertising us, asking your friends to join, posting us on facebook, youtube, instagram, twitter etc..

Even referring one active member to PP helps us by a mile.

The site itself is fine, Ryan and myself have been working quite a bit lately on PP and everything is pretty much smooth sailing. Siberia has assisted us greatly in moving thousands of threads over, which should boost our SEO greatly and give us better coverage on Google and other search engines.

Cisco was fired for a number of reasons, some of which wont fully be made public, on that subject: we won't be hiring any staff right now because we're small and don't require much moderation.

PP's goal for next week is to have at least 35 active members, help us reach it!

Do NOT PM me for any inquiries related to advertising on PacketPunks. 

For our change log, CLICK HERE.
For our help docs, CLICK HERE.
Thanks for the update Schultz! Much needed!

And thanks for the little shout out there <3

Stay frosty!
Knowledge talks, wisdom listens.
PM me with any questions or comments

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